Driveway Sealing Scam Reported

August 4, 2009

On August 4, 2009, a township resident in the Center Square neighborhood was approached by two men driving an unmarked vehicle. The men offered to seal the man’s driveway for an agreed price. However, after doing the job they informed him that he now owed them a substantially larger fee. Furthermore, they now informed the resident that they do not accept checks. The resident was persuaded into paying them the new higher price in cash. In addition to the inflated price, the work was found to be sub-standard.

The Upper Allen Township Police remind all residents that businesses soliciting sales or work within the township are required to have a permit to do so. These permits identify the business and it’s legitimate representatives. The Upper Allen Township Police encourage all resident to ask to see the solicitor’s permit of anyone approaching your residence and offering goods or services to you.

Anyone having had a similar contact is asked to contact Upper Allen Police