Residents Reminded of Snowfall Parking Restrictions

February 9, 2010

The National Weather Service issued another Winter Storm Warning for Cumberland County. The Harrisburg area, including Upper Allen Township, could see 12 inches of new snowfall – on top of the almost 2 feet received this past weekend.

During this past weekend’s winter storm, the Police Department issued over 75 warnings to vehicle owners who failed to remove vehicles from Township streets. In spite of the Police Department’s enforcement efforts, the Upper Allen Township Public Works Department was not able to completely clear all roadways due to vehicles that refused to comply. Additionally, some vehicles were damaged because they were left on the street and struck by plow vehicles.

Beginning with today’s winter storm, the Police Department will be strictly enforcing Township Ordinance § 233-16 (reprinted below) by ticketing and towing vehicles left on the Township-maintained street systems.

To avoid fines and towing expenses, residents are asked to comply with the Township Ordinance governing parking during periods of snowfall.

§ 233-16 Parking of vehicles prohibited on Township streets during periods of snowfall

A. It shall be unlawful to park or permit to be parked any motor vehicle or other vehicle on any street or alley which is part of the Township-maintained street system two hours after the start of continuous snowfall and until the snow has been completely plowed for the full width of the cartway.

B. Any member of the Upper Allen Township Police Department or other employee of Upper Allen Township engaged in road work is hereby authorized to remove any vehicle abandoned or parked upon any public street or alley in violation of the terms and provisions of this chapter and to take any said vehicle to the nearest garage or other place of safety. The registered owner of any said vehicle shall be promptly notified, in writing, of the fact of the removal and of the place to which said vehicle has been removed, where said owner may obtain the same upon payment of any and all towing and storage charges.