Feb 12

Snowfall Regulation Reminder

A significant winter storm is forecasted for the area for Thursday 02/13. The recent snowfalls accompanied by abnormally cold weather has created extra difficulties everywhere. Residents are reminded of the following Township Ordinances:

  • Every owner and occupant of any property with frontage alongside any street within Upper Allen Township must remove all snow, slush, and ice along the full width of the sidewalks and across driveways within 24 hours after snow/ice stopped falling [Ord. §205-2]
  • ANY vehicles (including trailers) must be removed from ALL Township-maintained streets and alleys within two hours after the start of continuous snowfall and until the snow has been completely plowed for the full width of the roadway [Ord. §233-16]
  • Upper Allen Township Police are authorized to have any vehicles towed that are in violation of Ordinance §233-16 listed above
  • The owner of any vehicle that is towed in violation of the Ordinance will be responsible for towing and storage fees
  • The extreme weather creates extra difficulties for everyone involved, including Public Safety Personnel. Your cooperation is appreciated as we all look forward to milder conditions.