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Rank Serving Since
James Adams – NA173 Chief of Police 1978
Michael McLaughlin – NA210 Lieutenant 1981
Thomas Kauffman – NA226 Detective Sergeant 1988
Andrew Parsons – NA237 Sergeant 1992
Thomas Cuckovic Sergeant 2003
Brian Barnes Detective 2005
Trent Mellott Detective 2007
Jeremy Tappan Officer 1997
James Miller Officer 1998
Robert Powers Officer 2001
Thomas Dombroski Officer 2002
Michael Keister Officer 2004
Timothy Albert Officer 2005
Jory Harlan Officer 2008
Chad McClure Officer 2008
Matthew Woodruff Officer 2012
Mark Sanguinito Officer 2013
Clint Kramer Officer 2014
Peter O’Connor Officer 2014
Brett Snyder Officer 2014
Christopher Desiderio Officer 2016
Michael Sauble Officer 2017
Jennifer Brillhart Administrative Assistant 1982
Glenn Thompson Clerk 2007

You may contact personnel via e-mail using their first initial and last name

The Upper Allen Police Department has had many members since its inception in 1966. The following have achieved a full retirement after at least twenty five (25) years of service.

Name Rank at Retirement Service
Richard E. Hammon – NA139 Chief of Police 1974-2003
Glenn C. Thompson Detective 1981-2006
William Strayer – NWPS&C 309 Sergeant 1987-2013
Peter Beauduy – NA246 Sergeant 1990-2018