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Parking Permit Application

Parking of boats, buses, truck tractors, trailers, and certain other vehicles prohibited on residential streets is prohibited on streets in residential zones without first obtaining a permit.

  • A permit is valid for 96 hours.
  • A maximum of five (5) permits will be issued for the same vehicle per calendar year.
  • A period of fifteen (15) days is required between permits.
  • You can read the full regulation by clicking here: Ordinance 803
  • Click here for frequently asked questions.

Complete the permit application below. Applications are also available at the police lobby window during business hours.

Parking Permit FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the parking of a boat, bus, truck trailer or other trailer on a public residential street: Do I need a parking permit to park a boat, bus, truck trailer, or trailer on a public residential street? If the boat, bus, truck trailer, or other type of trailer does not have its …