“Peeping Tom” reported on Messiah College Campus

May 3, 2011

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at approximately 12:30 PM, a female Messiah College student entered the female restroom on the first floor of Boyer Hall. As she was preparing to leave the restroom stall, she observed a man’s face peering up at her from the floor in front of the restroom stall she was occupying. When she noticed the man, he fled the restroom. The student immediately reported the incident to the Messiah College Department of Public Safety, who facilitated a search of the building. No one matching the suspect’s description was located.

The suspect is described as a white male, early twenties. He has dark hair, dark eyebrows, brown eyes and a buzz-cut style hair. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Upper Allen Township police at 717-238-9676 or on our Anonymous Tip Line at 717-591-3790.

Woman Injured During Afternoon Crash

April 26, 2011

Tracy Wieseman, 31
600 block of Allenview Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

On April 26, 2011 at approximately 2:00PM, Wiesman was traveling north on Kim Acres Drive in the area of Kent Drive when she lost control of her vehicle. Weisman crossed the opposing lane of traffic, struck a sewer drain cover and mailboxes which rendered her car inoperable. During the crash the airbags deployed and caused minor injury to Wieseman. West Shore EMS transported Wieseman to Holy Spirit Hospital for further evaluation. Several factors of the crash are still under investigation by police.

Police Officer Awarded Third Life Saving Award

On Wednesday April 20, 2011 Officer Thomas Dombroski was recognized by the Upper Allen Township Board of Commissioners for his third life saving act in the line of duty.

The Upper Allen Township Commissioners passed RESOLUTION N0. 881 to honor Officer Dombroski’s actions. The Resolution commended him for administering life saving measures that saved the lives of 3 individuals during his eight year career with the Department.

In May of 2003 Officer Thomas Dombroski was awarded the Life Saving Medal for his role in administering CPR to a patient that was in cardiac arrest. Medical staff credited Officer Dombroski with saving the life of this patient.

In June of 2006 Officer Thomas Dombroski and Officer Ryan Parthemore received Life Saving Medals for their role in saving a patient in cardiac arrest. They administered CPR and an AED and are credited with saving this person’s life.

In January 2011 Officer Thomas Dombroski was dispatched to a car crash where the operator was in obvious cardiac arrest. On the scene were Upper Allen Fireman James Breinlinger, and Dover EMT Keith Heckert who were on their way to work and stopped to assist. When Officer Dombroski arrived on the scene, he attached an AED device to the victim and a shock was administered to the patient. Officer Dombroski then assumed chest compressions prior to the patients transport to the hospital. The three individuals were credited with saving this patients life and the patient was released from the hospital 4 days later.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting April 20, 2011 Officer Thomas Dombroski was also awarded the Exceptional Duty Medal for his highly credible accomplishment bringing public acclaim to him, the Police Department, and the police profession as a result of his training, devotion to duty and service to the public in that he has saved the lives of three individuals due to his life saving interventions.

The Board of Commissioners also recognized the actions of James Breinlinger and Keith Heckert for their actions of January 20, 2011.

“Bottle Bomb” Devices Found at Messiah College

April 19, 2011

On April 19, 2011 shortly after 2:00 AM, Upper Allen Police were dispatched to Messiah College for a reported “bottle bomb” explosion. The investigation revealed that several bottle bombs had been left in an outdoor courtyard area of the college. Several of the devices exploded and several did not. There were no injuries or property damage reported. The remaining devices were neutralized by police.

Bottle bombs are homemade explosive devices that are constructed using a bottle and other ingredients which cause the bottle to expand and suddenly burst. Though these devices may not appear to be harmful they can cause serious injury if handled or if one is in close proximity when it explodes. People should use extreme caution when picking up stray bottles that contain unidentified substances.

This incident is currently under investigation and police are asking assistance from anyone who may have relevant information. The Upper Allen Township Police Department can be contacted at 717-238-9676 or through our anonymous tip line at 717-591-3790.

New Fugitive Added to “Most Wanted” Page

April 3, 2011

Upper Allen’s Most Wanted page has been updated with a new warrant. Thank you to those who have assisted in bringing these fugitives to justice.

Visit upperallenpolice.com and click on the link to “Upper Allen’s Most Wanted” in the upper-right portion of the website.