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Electric Scooters and Pennsylvania Law

Electric scooters have become a popular way to get around, but their legal status in Pennsylvania can be confusing. Here’s a breakdown of where you can and can’t legally ride your electric scooter.

Rules of the Road

Pennsylvania law is quite strict when it comes to electric scooters on public roads. The state considers them vehicles, meaning they are not exempt from titling and registration requirements as set forth by PennDOT and would be required to pass equipment standards and inspection requirements. However, most electric scooters don’t have the necessary equipment (like turn signals and mirrors) to meet these registration and inspection requirements. This effectively makes them illegal to ride on Pennsylvania roads.

Sidewalk Use

You might think sidewalks are a safer option, but Pennsylvania law also prohibits electric scooters on sidewalks.

Township Parks

Upper Allen Township has specific rules about electric scooters in parks:

  • Safety First: You must operate any wheeled device, including electric scooters, with reasonable caution for the safety of others and property (Ordinance 175-8 (K)).
  • Restricted Areas: Electric scooters (along with skateboards, skates, and bicycles) are not permitted in pavilions, courts, playgrounds, or picnic areas (Ordinance 175-9(X)).

Where Can I Legally Ride?

The primary place you can legally ride your electric scooter in Pennsylvania is on private property. If you have a large yard, or obtain permission from a landowner, you can use your scooter there.

Staying Informed

It’s important to be aware that rules and regulations about electric scooters can change. Keep yourself up-to-date through these sources: