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Parking Permit FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the parking of a boat, bus, truck trailer or other trailer on a public residential street:

  1. Do I need a parking permit to park a boat, bus, truck trailer, or trailer on a public residential street?
    If the boat, bus, truck trailer, or other type of trailer does not have its own motive power or is not attached to a valid motorized vehicle, then a permit is required. A permit must be obtained from the Township Police Department prior to the vehicle being parked on the residential street.

    A permit is not required if the boat, bus, truck trailer, or other type of trailer has its own motive power or is attached to a car, truck, van or other valid motorized vehicle. A permit is also not required for boats, buses, truck trailers or other types of trailers which may be parked on private driveways or other authorized private parking lots.

  2. What is a residential street?
    The term “residential street” refers to any public street, alley, roadway, highway, berm, shoulder, traffic way, public right-of-way or public property. Residential streets are any of the above found within any residential or mixed-use Zoning District. A copy of the Township’s Zoning Map can be found at Additional information about each zoning district can be found in Chapter 245 (Zoning) of the Township’s ordinances.
  3. What type of vehicles are exempt from these requirements?
    Delivery vehicles which deliver and/or pick up goods, wares, merchandise or other materials, or vehicles which are used to perform work on or from properties on or adjacent to any streets, alleys, etc. These vehicles may be parked on residential streets without a permit.
  4. Where can I obtain a parking permit? How much do they cost?
    Parking permits are free of charge and can be obtained at the Township Police Department or online at For additional information, contact the Police Department at 717-795-2445.
  5. How long is a permit valid?
    The permit shall be valid for up to 96 consecutive hours. A maximum of five (5) permits will be issued for the same vehicle per calendar year. A minimum period of fifteen (15) days is required between permits.
  6. What happens if I do not obtain a required permit?
    Any person found in violation may be subject to daily fines as prescribed in Chapter 233.