Fireworks: What You Need To Know

On October 30, 2017, Pennsylvania passed a new fireworks law that legalized consumer fireworks, with some restrictions. Consumer fireworks differ from display fireworks by having lower amounts of explosive material. Common consumer fireworks include bottle rockets, roman candles, and firecrackers.

It is ILLEGAL to ignite or discharge these consumer fireworks:
-on private or public property without the consent of the owner
-while inside a vehicle or building
-towards a vehicle, building, or other person
-while under the influence of alcohol or another drug
-within 150 feet of an occupied structure

Thousands of Upper Allen residents live in planned residential developments. These homes are almost always within 150 feet of each other. Therefore, fireworks would not be permitted in these areas.

Per the Township Code, fireworks are prohibited from being thrown or exploded in streets and fireworks use is also prohibited in all Township Parks. Any legal use of fireworks should end by 10:00p.m. as any use disturbing the peace after this time can be a violation of the Township Noise Ordinance Code.

Please be courteous to your neighbors by letting them know in advance that you are planning to discharge fireworks. These displays can be problematic for families with anxious pets or small children.