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Testing for the position of Police Officer is


Testing is conducted by the
Cumberland County Police Testing Consortium

Please visit for more information and to apply.

Applications are due by Monday, September 2, 2024.


Upper Allen Police hiring is done under Township civil service guidelines:

  1. Reached the age of 21
  2. Weight: Proportionate to height
  3. Vision: Uncorrected eyesight meeting the requirements of the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission, correctable to 20/20.
  4. Height: No restrictions
  5. Health: Free from any bodily or mental defects that, in the opinion of a doctor of medicine or osteopathy appointed by the Commission, might incapacitate the applicant from the discharge of the essential duties of an officer.
  6. Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
  7. Citizenship: Citizen of the United States of America
  8. Character: Good moral character
  9. Other: Must meet all requirements of the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission. Visit for requirements.
  10. Visible tattoos are prohibited when wearing the summer uniform. Tattoos above the wrist line are permitted as long as they are covered.
  11. Use of any tobacco products is prohibited while working.

Veteran’s preference is extended to those who request and are entitled to it.