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Con Artists

There are many con artists out there and they have all kinds of ways to try to get your money. The following are cons that all Upper Allen Township residents should beware:

  • NEVER reveal all or part of your credit card number(s), Social Security number or bank account number(s) to ANY CALLER for ANY REASON!
  • If you receive a post card or letter marked “Official Notification” or “Final Notice” or “48 Hour Notice”, informing you that you are a contest winner but you must call an 1-800 number to receive a “free” gift. Be careful. That “gift” might cost you money in the end!
  • Beware of high pressure sales tactics offering to sell products at reduced prices, or secret deals, or no-risk, high-yield investments. Don’t spend a dime until you check on the company first!
  • Beware of ANY OFFER from ANYONE who promises — if you send a contribution — that they will fight for you to make sure you keep receiving your Social Security check or Medicare insurance coverage!
  • Beware of anyone posing as a government or company official asking your help to “catch a criminal”. Call Upper Allen Police immediately — it’s a trick!
  • Beware if you are notified you were selected a winner in a contest BUT to receive the prize you must send money to cover the tax and the handling fee. SAVE YOUR MONEY! The value of the “prize” may not match what you have to pay!
  • Beware before you admit any stranger into your home. NO MATTER THE REASON – NO MATTER HOW INSISTENT THEY ARE, check on them first, even call the Upper Allen Police if necessary.
  • Never hire anyone to build or repair anything until you check on them and the quality of their work first. Tell them you want references. If they refuse – call someone else!
  • When calling any 1-900 number, the call will COST YOU from 95 cents to $4.25 a minute, or sometimes a flat $30 fee, and the charge will appear on your next telephone bill!
  • NEVER pay for ANYTHING you didn’t order yourself, regardless of what you are told!
  • Don’t tell anyone you live alone. NEVER talk about your money with a stranger and NEVER, NEVER keep or hide large amounts of money in your home. A robber can ALWAYS find it!
  • Don’t be fooled by anyone offering a refund information service to obtain a return of your money lost in a previous consumer trap. This new angle is just the latest con game!
  • Giving to charities is an admirable quality, but sometimes, if you give too much, too often, you could become a charity case yourself!
  • Beware of “Get rich quick” schemes for which you have to put up “good faith” money.
    Beware of “good deals” on expensive repair or home improvement jobs.
  • Beware of Investments that promise unusually large returns.
  • Beware of someone claiming you owe money for an item ordered by a deceased spouse or relative.
  • Beware of work-at-home schemes, door-to-door sales, supplemental Medicare insurance, miracle cures, glasses and hearing aids at bargain prices. For more information on work-at-home schemes.
  • Beware of fraudulent use of Postal Money Orders.
    • Never provide goods or services before you cash a money order.
    • Before you attempt to cash a Postal Money Order, ask the postal clerk or an inspector to verify its authenticity. Asking for verification is not a crime; cashing a counterfeit or altered money order is considered one.
    • Never trust an out-of-state, international or Internet request to deposit a money order or cash one for someone else.
    • Remember the old advice: If an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.

If you have ANY suspicions about somebody who is calling attempting to get money for ANY cause tell them you wish to check with your police department BEFORE doing anything. We will gladly check into it for you. If you are a victim do not be embarrassed to call the Police Department. The information you provide may help catch the person or at least stop him/her from making someone else a victim.