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FAQ: Vehicle Equipment

Can I put sun screening (window tint) on my car?
Sun screening must conform to the standards of the PA Vehicle Equipment Regulations. The 70% light transmittance standard is measured by police with a light transmittance meter. The windows on most vehicles equipped with air conditioning only allow 77% light transmittance from the factory thereby prohibiting the use of sun screening. Click here to view our fact sheet pertaining to the Window Tinting Law.

Are there other exemptions for sun screening?
Certificates of exemption are available through PADOT for certain medical conditions which allow colorless sun screening and for vehicles registered and equipped with sun screening prior to September 9, 1984.

Can I put stickers on the windows of my car?
Stickers are prohibited on all windows with the exception of the following stickers: PA State Inspection; PA Emissions Inspection; Truck Weight Class; Out-of-state inspection, tax stamps, road use permits, government related permits; Delaware River Port Authority Bridge Travel Permit; manufacturer’s suggested retail price sheet; parking sticker. Parking stickers may only be on the rear side windows, rear wing or rear window not more than 3.5 inches above the lowest exposed portion of the window.

What about my PA Turnpike E-ZPASS?
E-ZPASS devices are radio frequency transmitting devices, not stickers. They may be mounted as directed by the PA Turnpike Commission directly behind the rear view mirror where they do not obstruct vision.

Can I put wider tires on my car?
A tire’s tread can not extend beyond the outer edge of the wheel housing inclusive of fender flares. Fender flares can not exceed 3 inches.

Can I put wider fenders on my vehicle?
Fenders must be the type and size used as original equipment.

Can I change the color of bulbs in my lights?
Most vehicles come equipped from the manufacturer with bulbs of the type and color which conform to PADOT regulations. Alteration of the type or color of the bulb which does not conform to PADOT regulations is prohibited.

Can I use tinted or decorative headlight or taillight covers?
No auxiliary equipment may be placed on, in, or in front of a lamp.

Can I put off-road lighting on my roof or roll bar?
Off-road lamps may be mounted on the roof or roll bar of a vehicle and shall be covered with an opaque covering that prohibits any light from being emitted when the vehicle is being operated on a highway or trafficway.

May I take the doors off of my Jeep or Bronco?
Act 61 of 2024 was signed into law on July 15, 2024 and will take effect in 60 days. The law amends PA Title 75, Section 4107 to allow vehicles originally manufactured with removable doors to be legally operated on roadways with the doors removed, provided that certain conditions are met. These conditions include having side mirrors and ensuring the vehicle is inspected with the doors attached. When a vehicle is operated with the doors off or with non-original equipment, then all passengers must wear seat belts. This includes rear seat passengers over the age of 18.

If you have additional questions about vehicle equipment you may contact us at 717-795-2445.