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Website Privacy Policy

The Basics of Our Privacy Policy
This privacy policy applies to all publicly accessible pages and files at We want to give you as much control over your personal information as possible. In general, you can view any of our sites without providing any personally identifiable information to us. We do not, and never will, provide any information about you to any third party without obtaining your prior consent to do so. When we collect information about you, we will let you know what we are collecting and how we will use the information.

Collection of Statistical Data
We make use of standard web server logging systems and perform analysis of the data with Google Analytics. This information is collected for our internal use only, and it is discarded when it is no longer useful to us. The information collected during your visit to our site may include: the IP/hostname or domain where your computer is connected to the internet, the browser and type of device you are connecting from, the time and date of your visit, which pages were viewed, the pages you used to enter and exit our site, any page errors you received, failed attempts to enter secured parts of our site, total number of pages viewed per day/week/month. Statistical information is collected for all visitors to our web site and can not be selectively enabled/disabled.

Personal Information
Some pages on our site may ask for your personal information so that we can perform a business transaction or contact you to provide further information about the Upper Allen Police Department. The information that you provide to us, including the above analytics, will be used only for the purpose listed on the page requesting your information. If you do not want to submit personal information to us via email, the web, or online forms we will not compel you to do so, however some pages may not be accessible to you because their functions are based on certain required fields. If at any time you wish to be removed from any databases that we may develop, we will do so gladly. We will not use your email address for further, unsolicited contact–you will always have the ability to ‘opt out’ of email lists.

We will not release any information collected via our website to any third party without your prior consent, unless we are compelled to do so by law.

Secured Connections, SSL and Encryption
Assume that all data you submit to this site is insecure, unencrypted, and passes through the internet on standard ports.

If our site directs you to a page that makes use of the SSL protocol (indicated by ‘https://’ at the beginning of the page location URL and by the presence of the padlock icon in your browser’s system bar) the security is provided by a verified third party and we accept no liability for the security of any data that you provide via that connection.

Policy Revisions
Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted on our website for public use, review, and comment. We may change this policy at any time without prior notification to you or any third party.

Questions, Comment, Dispute/Claim Information
If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy or wish to file a claim disputing our privacy policy please visit the Contact Information page on this website for information on contacting the department.

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